Legend has it that Yatsugatake was once higher than Mount Fuji.

Mt. Yatsugatake’s god and Mt. Fuji’s goddess, Konohana-Sakuyahime, began quarreling over their height. Each of them insisted that he/she was taller. The Amitabha Buddha, who was entrusted to arbitrate the dispute, set a gutter between the tops of the two mountains and poured water in it. The water ran down to the top of Mt. Fuji, revealing that Yatsugatake was taller. Mt. Fuji’s goddess, who was unyielding, got angry and she hit and hit Yatsugatake with a long stick, tearing it down out of jealousy. Left standing were what we now know as the 8 peak mountain or Yatsugatake.

Today the distinct ridgelines left over from the old mountain form the borders of Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures and provide us with many wonderful riding options, whether it be an easy rural road ride or a full days hard core mtb ride.. One of Japans best climates for cycling with lots of clean air , water and sunshine,Yatsugatake is an easy 2 hour train or car ride from Tokyo makes it possible to be riding quiet roads in rural Japan or cruising mtb single track by 9 A.M., After your ride relax in a Hot Spring bath and be back in the city for an evening dinner. Or spend a few days exploring with us and really get to know our mountain gods.

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