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Highland Guided Cycling Tour

Ride from Yatsugatake Cycling in Tateshina, Chino to Hara Village and back.
You will see the Yatagatake, North Alps, and South Alps mountain ranges as we ride through farms and rice fields. Yatsugatake Farm, Yatsugatake Nature and Science Park and the Jiyu Noen Farmers market are just a few of the places we will find along our way.
A beautiful ride that takes in the best of this area, Mountains, small villages and large farmlands. This ride can be done non stop or with a stop for lunch a wonderful days riding.


Ride Area
Tateshina in Chino and Hara; 30 km
Local Attractions
Yatsugatake mountain range, Views of North and South Alps; Farms and rice fields; Yatsugatake Farm; Yatsugatake Nature Science Park; Yatsugatake Sereno; Café Attaca
Riding Season
March through November
Time Required
4 - 6 hours
Fit challengers; Experts
Number of Participants
Minimum 1 rider
Half day guided tour 6000 yen/A day guided tour 10000 yen
What is Included
Guided tour 7000 yen; bike rental and helmet 3000 yen
Self-guided tour with a bike rental available.
Bathroom, shower and changing room available.


Suitable Bikes
Cross bike, Road bike
Comfortable wear; Helmet is a must.
What to bring
Layers recommended for variable temperatures and weather.


Rental Accessories
Helmet and bike rental are include in guide tours; Gloves for sale at 200 yen to 2500 yen.
Rental Bikes
Road bike or cross bike


All our tours are examples and all can be changed to our individual customers needs.

  • 9:00
    Fill out entry sheet.
    Fit a bike and helmet.
  • 9:30
    Start riding from Yatsugatake Cycling
    Let’s start pedaling. Ride toward the south away from Yatsugatake Cycling. Views of Yatsugatake range are beautiful. The road is quiet and you can pedal at your own pace.
    After a nice warm up, you start to climb into a forest. As you get closer to Yatsugatake range, the mountain becomes larger in front of you. Soon, you will be in an open area with grass fields on both sides. After this climb, you ride down by the Yatsugatake Farm and Yatsugatake Nature Science Park, which are good places to rest.
    Once you get to Echo Line road, you start to head back toward Tateshina. You may want to stop at an ice cream shop or bakery along the way. After ice cream it is about another 30 minutes cycling back to Yatsugatake Cycling’s Shop.
  • 11:00/12:00
    Take breaks anywhere and anytime you feel like.
  • 12:00/14:00
    Back to Yatsugatake Cycling