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Amazing snow riding on Yatsugatake!

Fat Bikes were developed to ride in the wilds of Alaska originally and have quickly become popular with riders who live or spend time in snowy areas. Because of the Fat tires low air pressure can be used with a big volume of air in the tire. This gives us great traction in the snow and even on ice. Exploring snow covered trails on Fat Bikes has given a whole new meaning to winter riding, FUN!


Ride Area
Tateshina Mtn, Yatsugatake Mtn. Fujimi Highlands
Local Attractions
Mugikusa Pass, Happodaira, Mishakeike Pond
Riding Season
As long as snow in mountains
Time Required
Easy ride to advanced, for any level
Number of Participants
minimum 2 riders
9800 yen/person
What is Included
Fat bike rental and a day of guided tour
Change room and shower availalbe at Yatsugatake Cycling.
Car parking space available.


Suitable Bikes
Fat bike
Layers are recommended for winter riding, you will be surprised at how warm you are while riding but having an extra layer for when you are stopped is good. On cold days we recommend short breaks or even no breaks to keep ourselves warm. We find hiking shoes, snowboard boots along with winter boots work well for a days riding. Winter gloves not mittens and a hat to keep the heat in are a must.
What to bring
Neck warmer; gloves; warm hat, vest.


Rental Accessories
Helmet rental for free; Gloves for sale at 200 yen to 2500 yen.
Rental Bikes
  • WO
    Maker: KONASize: Small , Medium and Large


All our tours are examples and all can be changed to our individual customers needs.

  • 9:00
    Meet at Yatsugatake Cycling
    After preparing the bikes and ourselves we load into the van and drive up the mountain to the ride start point.
  • 9:30
    Snow Ride
    Rides location vary upon the snow conditions and riders ability levels.
  • 1:30
    Finish and back to Yatugatake Cycling
    Ride ends at Yatsugatake Cycling with a hamburger lunch