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Venus Line Cruise

This 40 kilometer ride is made easier by starting at the 1800 meter level, ride past the beautiful Yashimagahara marshlands before a short climb takes you around the Kurumayama Ski Resort and down into the Shirakabako Lake area.  Around the lake and then we head up to  Tateshina Mtn. and the Megamiko Lake area.  After a short break to enjoy the fresh mountain air we follow the Venus line over the Suzuran Pass before dropping 15 kilometers down a brilliant road to Yatsugatake Cycling`s headquarters. This is ride has some climbing involved but most of it will be taken care of by driving the first 1000 meter 15 kilometer climb to your starting point.


Ride Area
Tateshina, Venus Line, Kurumayama Highland
Local Attractions
Sirarakabako Lake, Venus Line Road, Kurumayama Ski Resort, Tateshina yama Mountain, Megamiko Lake
Riding Season
April to November
10:00 - 4:00
At your request
Time Required
5-6 hours
Intermediate; Fit riders
Number of Participants
2 riders min.
8000 yen
What is Included
Bike rental 6000 yen/bike; Shuttle: 2000 yen/person
Emergency support available.
Bathroom, shower and changing room available.
Pick up service at nearby stations and hotels available for 2000 yen.
Guided tour available upon reservation, including pick up service.